Serviços Leading - Websites

Websites and E-commerce

We develop innovative projects

We create unique online experiences. We develop B2B and B2c e-commerce platforms, websites and web applications tailored to the needs of your project. From graphic design to navigability, everything is planned down to the last detail to make the most of your website.

Serviços Leading - Web Design

Branding and Identity

We help you create your identity

A company's corporate image is a reflection of its identity. We help you design and develop your brand concept so that you can achieve the best results.

Serviços Leading - Mobile Apps

App Mobile

We develop innovative apps

Following the latest trends in the digital market, Tenka IT offers a mobile application development service. In this regard, we assist our clients in building a closer relationship with their audience, enabling them to expand their brand presence in the digital market. We develop engaging, intuitive, and exceptionally user-friendly applications to provide a impactful and positive experience for your users.

Serviços Leading - Estratégia Digital

Digital Strategy

We plan your online strategy

We draw up a communication and digital marketing strategy tailored to your business goals. We develop and implement constant improvements for the continuous growth of your business.

Serviços Leading - Social Media

Social Media

We boost your digital presence

We offer a complete and personalized management of your brand's social networks in order to boost them.We create, monitor and optimize strategies and campaigns to achieve exceptional results.

Serviços Leading - Design

Design and Technology

We create unique designs

Turn your vision into digital reality. We create, test and optimize the user experience on digital platforms. We develop a highly personalized service tailored to each client, combining attractive aesthetics and intuitive functionality.

Serviços Leading - Conteúdo


We create amazing We create amazing content

We create diverse, engaging and creative content. Our team collaborate with you so that your project can effectively engage your target audience. We help you build a Impactful and relevant presence in the digital world.

Serviços Leading - SEO


We optimize your website

In Tenka IT, we know that the way customers do they searches have a strong impact on the performance of your digital business. Considering this, we take in consideration all the good practices, while developing your website or digital platform. Plus, optimizing websites to improve search results is something that we’re always doing to provide you the best service.

Serviços Leading - SEO

Email Marketing

We optimize the interaction with your clients

We offer integrated email marketing solutions. We optimize the entire email interaction process with your customers and potential customers.

Serviços Leading - Marketing

Marketing Automation

We provide automation solutions for your website

We customize communication with each of your customers by usinng automation solutions that customize communication according to each customer's interaction profile.

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